Squash and Pumpkin

We grow over 20 acres of pumpkin and several squash varieties each year. Whether you are looking for the best jack-o-lantern on the block or a fun sized pumpkin for each person in your family. Your whole family will enjoy taking a cart out to our patch to find the special pumpkins to take home. The little children love our small hand size pumpkins and gourds, and they also make great decorations for your home and office.

Winter squash is delicious and good for you. Our large selections will have you trying a new variety and also picking up your favorite. Take some home for dinner and some to store for winter. If you keep them in a cool dry place you can enjoy them all winter long!

Prices this year range from $0.75/ea to $0.30/lb. Come pick your favorite from our patch!

Pumpkin Patch Farmington, Ut
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