Farm History

Pack FarmsDarryl Pack started Farming in Davis County about 1950. He and his wife Joyce raised their family while farming the land. When Darryl Pack began his farm he raised vegetables including tomatoes eggplant, peppers, summer squash, radishes, corn, dill, and cucumbers. He grew vegetables and other products for the local market for several years.

In 1958 he started to grow pumpkins and winter squash. Then, in 1965 Darryl decided to start to raise turf grass for local landscapers and homeowners, and Pack Farms had their first harvest of sod in 1967. The farm then added hay to their crops in 1979.

During the years the Pack family has supplied pumpkins to grocery stores. While doing so, the number of people requesting to pick a pumpkin from the field increased to the point that the Pack family decided to set up a pumpkin patch for the public. Now 50 years later, many people take home a pumpkin from Pack Farms.

DeVan and Brad Pack continue to operate the family farm providing a limited amount of Hay, Sod and Pumpkin directly from the farm.